Electrical installations

Our company employs a number of independent electricians and technicians that install electrical components from groundwork and also issue the declaration of correct installation. We pay our full attention to the process of electrical wiring and the installation of corresponding equipment from the start to technical acceptance of installation.

Inspection of technical documentation, structure (in the event of adaptation), and inventory of material.

Our company gives advice on the type of material to use with regard to price options and functionality of the object, including technical operation and architecture of the object.

When we acquire a job we also carry out the supervision and thus provide proper installation that is in accordance with calculations.

We provide new power supply point, including metering equipment, power input, cable ends and activation of equipment. When building power supply points, we cooperate with competent electricity companies.

We separately install the electrical installations of strong and weak current, which are necessary in today`s telecommunications era. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on telecommunications network require complete separation of weak and strong current installations.

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